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maintains that shroud of secrecy while. they were it happened so that for centuries korea was detached from the rest of the outside world this has to do with the fact that back in the middle ages that frequently suffered from invasions by the mongols and japanese this convince the ruling class that the country would live better if it reduced its contacts with the surrounding countries to a minimum as a result koreans were even banned from setting up settlements in certain locations particularly on the sea shore the information in flow was controlled and restricted when japan occupied korea in the early twentieth century this policy was preserved by the occupants in order to retain this colony under its control the first thing japan did was to take all the foreign relations of korea under its control and start the japanese ation of korea the koreans were forced to adopt japanese names not to speak the korean language under japanese language was proclaimed official and so forth all this dark legacy both historical and cultural has to
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a great extent affected the views of the korean leaders. but not only is korea an informational mystery it's also one of the very few remaining iowa of socialism communism how does it maintain to do that more of. the fact of the matter is that the koreans proved to be very consistent in their convictions korea as with china is a confucian country where confucianism dominates the thinking of the habits of the people to quote one example when china had given up most of the confucian traditions korea was rigorously following them all the same so when chinese scientists wanted to find some information about confucian rituals they had to go to seoul for the relevant documents it so happened that when the northern part of korea came to believe in communism and socialism it became an even greater teacher of a than the soviet union itself and other socialist countries which have already given up this ideology and system while in korea just like in china they are still
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trying to build socialism in the korean fashion their own model of socialism. but today in the twenty first century way economic ties parallel world do you think that this policy of isolation will help north korea progress economically. that are there is no doubt that the country needs its foreign economic relations expanded as according to estimates by foreign specialists and the understanding cerned by north korea itself it would be impossible to modernize the economy without investment from outside i would like to draw your attention to something i find very interesting there has been much talk in the west about north korea opening up and its integration into the world community however real policy is very often at odds with statements some sort of best styria broke out in the media recently around the fact of the swedish department store began selling jeans manufactured in north korea if the west is really interested in north korea
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developing some industries fit to enter foreign markets and thus having people interested in contacts with the outside world or going without what's trapped with the selling of a batch of jeans polls to the western world safety and well being it will be absolutely and significant in terms of economic competition the same applied to the joint north and south korean industrial complex in case on a free trade agreement was signed between b.o.'s and south korea several years ago which has not yet been ratified but the refusal of the us to include spoons and forks and other consumer goods manufactured in that area into the agreement was one of the stumbling blocks the us did not agree for a few million dollars to enter the markets and yet it's hard to imagine how this could threaten the u.s. and world economies like that. so in your opinion it's beneficial in some ways for certain countries like the united states for example to
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have korea isolated. so the loser but. unfortunately we have to draw this conclusion we cannot explain everything entirely by north korea's might of course much depends on the past on the traditions on the fear of opening up because that may lead to undesirable political consequences on the other hand when they say north korea needs to become a civilized country and to be integrated into the world community they're never too keen really to do things to let it happen what's more the west and the united states in particular need a bad guy in that region to justify their military presence in the southern part of the korean peninsula and to perm and deploying their missile defense systems there that's something that's been done there and somewhat more actively done in europe indeed until now the u.s. and allied military presence in the region was justified by the soviet threat but it's been twenty years now since the soviet union however the u.s. is not going to give up their military alliances established during the cold war
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now it's very convenient to have a bad guy in pyongyang that can be used as a scapegoat for everything now it seems ok to have talks with russia or china and smile and keep face saying because of kim jong il we have to keep our troops and send our aircraft carriers there. on the north korean threat is appears this face will be hard to keep as it will be clear who the troops on the missile defense are actually saying that it will be obvious that it's not against north korea weakened and worn out by long economic turmoil but against a rising china and russia as well. so recent statements from people like former president jimmy carter who went to korea and said that he saw signs of north korea willing to work with the six party talks and take steps toward denuclearizing itself do you think that's just good p.r.
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worth i think that carter sense the. moved to north korea he's an experienced politician has been there more than once the thing is that north korea realizes that without an agreement with the united states it won't be able to solve its main problem the removal of the military threats north korea was really frightened by the events in iraq in yugoslavia when the us unilaterally change the regimes in both those countries even without the consent of the united nations north korea is really afraid of that secondly it's aware that due to the u.s. sanctions it will have difficulties to get money from international financial institutions and other countries to modernize its economy this explains the fact that north korea is quite consistently pursuing the policy of signing bilateral agreements first and foremost with the u.s. and then a multilateral agreements such as those produced by the six party talks north korea demands that they should have talks with the u.s. and then proceed further north korea views the u.s. as posing the biggest threat and believes that the main obstacle for their economic
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development comes from the u.s. standing in the way of international aid. let's try and move from a economical and political war towards the personal you've spent so much time in north korea i believe you've even met kim jong il personally what kind of a man is has. been your i met kim jong il both as a journalist and a diplomat in particular during the then president putin's visit to north korea in two thousand carefully read what a number of state leaders who met him as a president wrote about him. wanted to say that kim jong il appears is an energetic and informed person who knows what he does and knows what to strive for i think that the stereotypes appearing regularly in western and frankly also in russian publications about some unpredictable politician and regime are absolutely ungrounded because an irrational and unpredictable politician would hardly be able to hold power in his hands for the past two decades when many revolutions broke out
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and many countries actually disappeared money expected the north korean regime to fall however for a number of reasons including purely pragmatic and realistic policy and the ability to outplay the enemy even though in some small things the north korean regime managed to survive. and you mentioned that the north korean leader knows what he wants for his country and from his country he's calling a party meeting that hasn't been held in thirty years and many in the west specifically are very excited trying to guess why exactly or what he's trying to tell the world by doing that what do you think at the purpose of the conference and the workers' party. where you if the good. if we talk about detail the only thing known to be on the agenda of the forthcoming conference are the elections for the governing bodies of the ruling party and it really makes sense for it's been forty
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four years since the previous conference and thirty years since the previous party congress money leaders who used to be members of the governing politburo in secretariat have died the central committee must by now have less than half the men from the original list so it appears to be high time for elections the second thing on the agenda which is perhaps the key thing is about a successor to the incumbent leader it's no secret that there have been many reports about his weakened health at the same time though many people who have met i'm including people from russia and in particular cultural figures who often go. there believe those rumors are exaggerated but i can't rule out the possibility that kim jong il has begun to ponder about his possible successor who would have to lead the country after he himself leaves the political arena i don't think the conference is due to pronounce on even as a successor most likely such a person would simply be elected into the government which will allow him to prove
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his eligibility by his achievements in areas he would be in charge of. now if kim jong il decides to follow in his father's footsteps and name his son as his successor there's very little known about the man what do we know who is he what does he what does he what have what he bring to north korea. first of all i think we shouldn't expect any dramatic changes right away because power in north korea is built on succession and continuity principles kim jong il became a leader first and foremost thanks to his image of a true follower of his father's legacy and ideas not of some destroyer of the foundations or the person to lead the country's policy into a sharp turn so obviously the same is going to apply to kim jong il successor if it should be one of his sons for example i shall not make any predictions as to which of them it could be but all there is much talk about the kurds on anyway this would be a young person who hasn't earned much authority in the party or the country and it
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is not very widely known and i don't think that kim jong il is going to quit entirely now he will continue ruling the country as long as his health from the circumstances allow that's why the decisions to be made by the conference will in their essence be shaping the environment under circles loyal to the new successor some advisors who will guide them through the challenging situation north korea is in these days at the beginning of the twenty first century.
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my. friends tried to reason with hitler germany. since way they also have been traded a safety net for themselves nothing thirty nine the whole of europe is a war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda. the lessons to be learned from the munich agreement. every month we give you the future we hope you understand how to get there and what to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world . join us for technology update on our g.
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the headlines here on r.t. the mayor of moscow is fired off to eighteen years in power the president says he no longer has confidence in the capital city. a group of international activists on a jewish organized aid mission to blockaded gaza is forced to end its journey by israeli warships. the russian president ends a trip to china by meeting the man widely predicted to be the next leader of the people's republic. secretive north korean leader kim jong il promotes his son general and a possible first step towards a hereditary transfer of power. for the sporting news with azure.
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hello there welcome to the sport and this is what is coming. spartak moscow target top spot in the champions league as they prepare to host slovak minnow schillinger . plus chelsea believe they'll return to winning ways against french champions marsay. and ice an easy week catch up with circuit for daughter of as the russian hockey legend starts his second season in the k h l. spartak moscow will be seeking to make it two wins out of two in the champions league when they take on julien at the luzhniki stadium tonight richard poor flipbook so what is a good opportunity to top they create. spotlight find themselves in a great position going into match day to a fantastic one no way no way in must say as given by lady karp inside a good chance even of this early stage of trying to make the knockout stages for the first time since ninety nine to six the last guides opponents from survive here
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may be the group outsiders as past like say coach says his team certainly won't be underestimating moment. on the fact that there are absolutely no problems with being motivated for this match as it's impossible not to be going into a champions league encounter it doesn't matter who the opponent is be it chelsea marsay or. we may be a bit tired going into the match as we will have played two games in just three days. it's been a long time since apartheid lost one champions league match at home in fact the red and white have failed to win in this competition of the luzhniki stadium in over a decade cup inside will certainly be looking to put that right on tuesday and he says he certainly won't be worrying about any statistics. going into the game with say everyone was saying that russian clubs weren't able to win in france but we made it to win over there a couple of weeks ago we're not going to take any notice of any statistics and is
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hoping that we'll get a result we need on tuesday to spot our cabin in good form recently in the russian premier league one in five of the last seven a brazilian striker vella turn scoring nine times during this period their opponent juliana have enjoyed some patchy form over the last month including a four one defeat at chelsea in their group opener the card and says he won't be taking them lightly because of life and i know for a fact that our opponents don't have a player in the class of someone like leo messi they have a good striker could see say who for someone who so too is very good with the ball at his feet and i have a feeling he could cause us one or two problems. spartak will have a great chance to make it two wins out of two on tuesday when they take on the group and if they can get their first home champions league we know over a decade they'll be a strong position going into big double header with the group favorites chelsea which lead r.t. moscow. so chelsea still things the strongest side in the group they thrash elina
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last time and host french champions marsay tonight the london side what we without star striker didier drogba though will miss playing against his former club as he says the last of his three match ban are to be entrenched after last season's quarter final also added frank lampard who is recovering from a hernia operation chelsea boss their first premier league game of the domestic campaign to manage to city with the candidate coach carlo and chalabi is an untrue worry. i don't need. to see a reaction from i will do. very good good because it is an important game for astro van the first blizzard. of the group. for abuse. also hope to bounce back after suffering a defeat at the hands of lowly west brom the gunners are a part of sam belgrade deceiving looking for we're number two after sticking six past braga but they'll have to do without six key plays for the game goalkeeper
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mooney is out with an elbow injury says barbara gas is also sidelined along with bent over marlin and walcott but bangor has faith in the squad. but i believe. i have the same contradiction or between two players i have a very. no might have and we can play a bit a bit more pretty don't try to do what you want to show tomorrow night ryall madrid coach josie marino is also after a performance his side faces there in france and haven't had the best start in the league they sit third in the table in spain after being held to a goldish draw against van take at the weekend really doesn't think it will be straightforward to not. expect that difficult again. is difficult to prove. against a team that plays the first match at home. version of ruby to
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a very very hard. to amuse very well organized. for a difficult match now let's catch up with the latest from the russian premier league where two wins from three games still hasn't been enough for critics of yet of to climb out of the relegation zone some are side easing to a three no win over angie and monday so fixture korea at least seemed to understand their predicament blasting home three first half goal for stroll to victory the first was inside the first alexandersson of dried. deflecting it's way past the keep. even of them made it to with another scrappy go. there. was plenty from you getting savin right before the break had the tie done and dusted so rayna was the final score the smart side remain second from bottom by and being relegated. and this was the plan to.
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so after week twenty two of thirty eight semi to remain very much the team to catch this in petersburg man life four points ahead of champions through being defending champions rubin but have they have two games in hand a third also with matches in hand past but now take rostov and moscow a scrapping for the two europa cup spots while down the other end it's clear and to bear in the drop zone and a just above them. on the ice metal it might need to course have gone joint top of the k h l they're one their way overboard in regulation time enough to put them at the summit level on points have been armaments other matches on monday night so a scar see a scar after a penalty shoot out it's a big got the better of guard and you are defeated than armorica. so i could start the mess a local be hoping for another influential season from door of he came back to russia after winning three stanley cups in the n.h.l. so how is the finding life in central russia he spoke with dan for.
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the twenty eighth of july two thousand and nine the continental hockey league strike three time ritual still we go we gave good returns to russia to join gay chill side middle. school russian born player in the killed unique skating skills combined with old standing good chance of ability all the school days with a meat axe predefine through his three greed. clearers you are so good one of the most outstanding wishing i still keep lyrics ever do the food of the urals to me that bores can particular. my brother played a few years back my father was in good contact with former management former director of the team former manager of the team and my brother played pretty well for this club a few years back especially in playoffs so in connection with or their interest
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always were. very big compared to other clubs and annoying but worse because they saw what hockey club brought up right for players with year . i mean a really good market in the services and also. financially very stable and also it was a dream of mine and my family also to play together with my brother one of russia's biggest steel works this would this city will be the course he's best known for it could be seen like a pretty boring environment where not hokey superstar but sergei thought of it's always proved yeah it's looking into the future both on and off the ice but i think . any city like this like industrial cities will present something really really. quality let's say we have couple of lakes here we have
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a couple environments here where you can go. i don't know and do sightseeing or you can go you can go and. walk and we've been to the factory factories incredible the biggest factor and probably i would say in europe really and. really. do about a business and a lot of steel so technology there it's been really really good so it was an interesting trip too but as far as a city and simple city but everything we need we have here and it's very comfortable when it comes to the gate chills me just to freak going kill must be good took priority no four year old through the roof who's won just about everything there is to win the ice well professionals here and. any predictions you need to back them up and well certain precious already applied to our team
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our new coach for a new manager and so i'm not going to be probably predicting anything but. in the next like month or two we really will know or we really will feel how far we can go a stunning twenty. one more n.h.l. record store the week in the household where he's ultimate kid childer time reward still ahead here but really no r.t. . yeah i'm sure playing a big part this season now in the n.f.l. chicago have kept up their hundred percent record a field goal with just four seconds left saw them beat green bay twenty points to seventeen that result makes in three nights of the season and points them on top of the n.f.c. north chicago taking a fourteen ten lead in the fourth went very fast larry david his first touchdown
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return from three years running sixteen so yeah. the teams were tied at seventeen a pace closer and it was a penalty that's fine separating them robbing to be important taking showing a bad young in the field to try so. that brings us to the end of the sport more of it likes.
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headlines here. the mayor of moscow fired off to eighteen years in power the president says he no longer has confidence in the capitals. of a group of international activists on a jewish organized aid mission blockaded is forced to end its journey by israeli warships. the russian president trip to china by making them widely predicted to be the next leader of the people's republic. of the secretive north korean leader kim jong il promotes his son in a possible first step towards a hereditary transfer of power. it's
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good of you to join us today this is live from russia's capital city well after an almost two decades. cough has been sucked by the president dmitri medvedev says he has lost confidence in the capital's a controversial top official. now joins us live for more details on this story and tell me has there been any reaction at this point from himself. well right now there's been no reactions from him and he has said that he was not going to give any press conferences. personally and the latest development. he will also be leaving. the ruling party. that is of course on top of the fact that he has been fired by the president so these are really two major blow to his political career.

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